Program Structure


Drive to Zero is operated by CALSTART, a clean transportation industry non-profit organization with headquarters in California, offices across North America, more than 200-member companies and partners worldwide.

CALSTART serves as the coordinating secretariat for Drive to Zero, linking and sharing the actions of global partners and providing guidance information, research and technical support.

Drive to Zero is made up of several key actors. The primary actors are our Pledge Partners – cities, governments, manufacturers, fleets and fuel suppliers who have agreed to work together to understand and put in place supporting mechanisms to speed the early market for zero- and near-zero emission trucks, buses and equipment (the Pledge). They are the implementers of Drive to Zero actions.

It costs nothing for entities to become a Pledge Partner except the willingness to commit time to the effort and share information with the global partners. Drive to Zero is structuring regular reports to partners, scheduling yearly face to face meetings globally and regionally, as well as webinars. It is also working on several supporting reports and tools for partners. Tools under development include:

• A “toolkit” of successful supporting actions that can drive faster adoption of zero and near-zero commercial vehicles. These include policies, regulations, incentives, infrastructure and investments. The toolkit will provide a compendium of these actions, where they are being used and case studies of their success. It will be a “living document” updated regularly.
• A vehicle availability guide to help regions world wide keep track of available and emerging zero and near zero commercial vehicles, including by manufacturer, type and location. This too will be a living document.
• A total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator to help fleets assess the business case benefits of cleaner vehicles and fuels.
• An infrastructure planning guide for electrification.

Several of these tools will be unveiled at the Drive to Zero - Vancouver Workshop May 28th 2019.

Learn more from our latest Program Update report.

Other important actors are Organizing Partners – key initiatives and organizations worldwide that Drive to Zero works with to coordinate strategies on commercial vehicles, reach additional partners and share supporting tools and case studies. Organizing Partners can be regional, national or global in nature. To date Drive to Zero is working collaboratively with C40, EV100, Transport Decarbonisation Alliance and other groups, and working regionally with Clean Energy Canada and partners in the Netherlands, China and India.