CALSTART has launched 5-year program that will both enable and accelerate the growth of the global zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicle (MHDV) sector. Progress in this sector is critical for countries achieve the greenhouse gas emissions targets established under the Paris Accord. Outside of the United States, particularly in China, India, Europe, Canada, and Mexico, emission reductions from this sector will have a significant positive impact as commercial vehicles represent a large percentage of the total transportation market.

In collaboration with the California Air Resources Board (CARB), CALSTART developed a beachhead analysis, and identified the segments of the commercial vehicle market where zero-emission technology is most likely to succeed in the near term due to the following factors: technology readiness, duty cycle and use, industrial activity, and economics. The beachhead strategy was incorporated into CARB’s three-year investment plan that was approved by the Board in December of 2017. While noting that public policy, regulations, and incentives will play an important role in their success, several major global commercial vehicle OEM’s have validated and affirmed CALSTART’s analysis. CALSTART is actively leading and working on a variety of strategies to advance the beachhead markets in California, and increasingly in other US states, by securing funding for purchase incentives, changing utility regulatory policy to support investment infrastructure, developing and managing programs to develop next generation technology, and supporting progressive policy development.